1. About day

Marie Lu quote about day

He is beauty, inside and out.He is the silver lining in a world of darkness.He is my light.

2. About courage

Marie Lu quote about courage

If you want to rebel, rebel from inside the system.That’s much more powerful than rebelling outside the system.

3. About day

Marie Lu quote about day

What a joke! Poor little rich girl’s fallen in love with the Republic’s most famous criminal.

4. About brother

Marie Lu quote about brother

Forever and ever, kid, until you’re sick and tired of seeing me.

5. About marie-lu

Marie Lu quote about marie-lu

It is pointless to believe what you see, if you only see what you believe.

6. About logic

Marie Lu quote about logic

Love is illogical, love had consequences–I did this to myself, and I should be able to take it.

7. About beauty

Marie Lu quote about beauty

June has never looked more beautiful than she does now, unadorned and honest, vulnerable yet invincible.

8. About broken

Marie Lu quote about broken

I scream for everything that has gone wrong. I scream for everything broken in our lives.

9. About adelina-amouteru

Marie Lu quote about adelina-amouteru

I am tired of being used, hurt, and cast aside. It is my turn to use. My turn to hurt.

10. About june-iparis

Marie Lu quote about june-iparis

He loves you, really he does. He’d love you even if it destroyed him. He matches you.

11. About irony

Marie Lu quote about irony

The irony of life is that those who wear masks often tell us more truths than those with open faces.

12. About champion

Marie Lu quote about champion

We can heal. Perhaps we can return to that same place we once stood, when we were both young and innocent.

13. About day

Marie Lu quote about day

Yeah, something was wrong. That was the understatement of the year.

14. About apology

Marie Lu quote about apology

Sorry, always sorry. What in the world can you buy with an apology?

15. About healing

Marie Lu quote about healing

Time heals all wounds. But not this one. Not yet.

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